Node.js Training Institute in Madurai

Absera offers the best Node.js training in Madurai. Node.js is one of the fastest-growing technology to built real-time website applications. We provide excellent Node.js training course for students in Madurai from an expert developer in the field right now.

What is Node.js?

It is used to build back-end services. It’s full-on-full Javascript. So the javascript programmer easy to build back end services using Node.js. It’s an open-source and cross-platform runtime environment. It is a framework but a runtime open source development platform that executing JavaScript code server-side. Mostly Node.js is used for building back-end services like APIs for web app or mobile app. Absera provides the best Node.js training in Madurai. Student can get benefits from our Node.js training.

Advantages of using Node.js

Easy scalability

Why did we say node.js is scalable? – Because developers ease to scale the application in both horizontal and vertical directions. And also, we can add extra resources.

Real-time web apps

We can develop web apps in PHP. But instead of using PHP, we can use Node.js for fast synchronization. To build chat apps or gaming apps, Node.js is much more preferable.

Fast suite

Event loops in Node.js handle all asynchronous operations. It also runs on the V8 engine developed by Google.

Data screaming

Node.js stream all data files at lightning speed. It reduces the overall time and makes it fast to present the data.

Easy to learn and code

Node.js is easy to grasp. People who are well in Javascripts and OOPs concept. They can start up the application on Node.js.


The hosting platform for Node.js is PaaS (Platform as a Service) and Heroku. It deploys the application without facing any issues.

Benefits of Our Node.JS Training in Madurai

Real-time Project Experience

We allow learners to get the experience in real-time working project. By using this, they get good potential and defeat the fear of working with superior peoples.

100% Job Placement

During the course, you will get a job offer. More than 80% of the students get placement in the top leading MNC Companies.

Course Completion Certificate

We provide a standardized certificate to the learners. You can use it anywhere, and it does not have an expiry date.

Skilled Trainers

We have professional Trainers handle more than 350 batches. Our trainers provide the best training comparing with others.

Flexible Timing

We are willing to serve a flexible time. According to the student’s feasibility, we will set the coaching time.

Interview point-of-view Training

We make you ready for the interview process. Most of the students will have the stuff, but they did not reveal in their interview time. For that, we give the interview training too.

Syllabus for Node.js Course in Madurai

  1. Overview
  2. Traditional web server model
  1. Install Node.js
  1. Function
  2. Buffer
  3. Local and core modules
  1. What is NPM
  2. Installing packages
  3. Updating packages
  1. Handling HTTP requests

Hear from our students

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Commonly Asked Questions by Students

Here are the commonly asked questions by our students. We have listed out most questions from them.

We provide 30 days course duration. We give 2+hours of coaching per day. At that time, you will get complete knowledge of the respective course.

Yes, After the completion of the course, that corresponding candidate will be given training completion certification.

No, We will refer some IT companies.

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