Spoken English Classes in Madurai

Are you the person who wants to speak in English but having Anglophobia (Fear of English)? Are you the person whose confidence gets broke down because of the stage fear? Are you the person who couldn't crack an interview in the one-on-one round? You are already here, and you have been in the right place after a long search for all those questions.

Spoken English Class in Madurai
Spoken English Class in Madurai

Why Spoken English Classes?

English acts as a barrier for many people’s careers. As it is a global language, speaking English is expected in all fields. There are so many things to take care of while conversing in English like Grammar, Vocabulary, Usage of Words, Mother Tongue Influence (MTI), Pronunciation and the list goes on and on…

Hey, wait! Do not feel depressed and low on reading this. I have got you a solution. Yeah, You heard it right. Absera Academy is right there to teach you ‘at your doorstep’ (No No.. ) ‘at your fingertip’. Yes! Absera Academy is Providing Online Spoken English Classes in Madurai. Are you ready to dive in to know more about the course details?

Advantages of Spoken English Classes in Madurai

Advanced Syllabus

We will give you an evaluation test first and train you based on that. With the customized syllabus specially designed for you, you can gain knowledge at the needed phase of your training at the earliest.

Get rid of MTI

As pronunciation is the first thing that hits the person in front of you while conversing, the trainer helps you to analyze different accents and make you get rid of your mother tongue’s influence.

Confidence Building

Confidence is the basis to eradicate one’s stage-fear. Conducting several impromptu sessions breaks your barriers and makes your confidence goes to another level.

Online Materials

We provide you with online material which you can use for long as you want. By having online material in hand, you can progress in your communication on a firm basis.

Progress Evaluation

Evaluation acts as a headway for anyone’s practice and hard work. Hence we will test the quality of your communication whenever you make progress.

Personal Training Space

As we have customized the syllabus, you may think there will be chaos while delivering the content. But as we have personal training space for everyone, you can have your training in your scope with the personalized syllabus

Benefits of our Spoken English Class in Madurai

Flexible Timing slots

In Absera Academy, Students can select their timing slots based on their preferences. Flexible time slots can solve half the problems for the one who is eager to learn.

Cost & Time Effective

Training starts only after analyzing the preexisting skills, which reduces your cost & saves your time. We have maestros who are qualified enough to provide Skill-based training.

One to One Classes

By getting personalized training, the trainee receives utmost attention and the doubt clearing session now and then. Having one on one session helps the students in clarifying their doubts without any second thoughts.

Course Completion Certificate

We will provide you with the certificate of completion for all the students, which has no expiry. Having a certificate is a bonus to their career.

Skilled Trainers

Our Trainers are experts with the training skills with more than 5+ years of experience in the field. Being experienced trainers, they can undoubtedly assess the trainee’s skills.

Effective Communication

Pronunciation, articulation, choice of words leads to effective communication. Our trainers help you to skill in these three aspects of communication.

Syllabus for Spoken English Course in Madurai

  1. What is NPM
  2. Installing packages
  3. Updating packages
  • Dialogues
  • Public speech
  • Telephonic Conversation
  • Debate
  • Business Communication – To communicate with your colleague, to improve your Email and Report Writing Skills
  • Spoken English – To improve the quality of your speech and vocabulary.
  • English for Kids – Train them to read and write and even help them with their school works.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions by Students

Here are the commonly asked questions by our students. We have listed out most questions from them.

We have a one-month training program. We give 2+hours of coaching per day.

Yes, we will give you the course completion certificate.

You can contact us via email, WhatsApp using the following details. WhatsApp: +91 9222 37 9222, email id: [email protected]