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As there is a quote which states, "I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel." We live in an era where the rise of new technologies is never-ending. To sustain in the corporate field, one should constantly update his knowledge and skills in the upcoming or evolving technologies to get projected out of all the techies. One such unfolding technology is React Native, and we, The Absera Academy, the best React Native Training Institute in Madurai extend their support to the imminent technologists.
Absera Academy About us

What is React Native?

Ever since the need for cross-platform app development rises intensely, there raises demand for a simple framework that uses a single platform that works well on the cross-platforms. There comes the emergence of React Native, an open-source framework that can create native mobile apps for both Android and iOS using Java script. In short, we can express that as a ‘One code-base to render mobile applications for Android & iOS.’ And our trainers from Absera Academy, the best software training institute in Madurai, train you better in this most wanted technologies of all time by doing justice to the quote ‘When you know better, You do better.’

Advantages of learning React Native

Time & Cost cutting

Since React Native is a cross-platform app development framework, there requires no need for the app to get developed using different codes on different platforms. The compatibility on both the platforms, Android & iOS, makes the developers write a single code which turns out to be the two separate apps in the background.

Code re-use

As 90% of the code is reusable in both the Android & iOS platforms, the development of the mobile app cuts the cost in half. Though the re-usability of the code results in a single app development team for both platforms, it would be advisable to have another development team for support and maintenance.

Increased Versatility 

Interface in React Native is versatile enough to update and upgrade the mobile app in the future. It has a type of interface that makes the work easy for the developers when someone abruptly left in the middle of the app development and the testers for much easier testing scenarios.

Live Reload

One of the best features of React Native app development framework is that the reloading nature. One can develop an app at one end of the screen, whereas watching the effects it makes on the other end in a fraction of seconds.


The augmentation of an existing app without rewriting it is possible in this React Native development. As the programming language gets optimized for the mobile app, it works faster by using the Graphics Processing Unit rather than the Central Processing Unit.

Spontaneous Structure

The modular architecture of React Native has program functions that got divided into free blocks called modules. That results in the easy upgrade or updates on the app by any other.

Benefits of our React Native Training Institute in Madurai

Aiding Job

On the successful training of React Native in the Absera Academy, the students get placed for sure in the app development field.

Certificate on course completion

The Absera Academy provides a standard certificate on the successful completion of the course that has no expiry. The students can gain out of it at their best.

Professional Tutors

Our tutors are experts with more than 5+ years of experience in this field. In the mid of the training, the students can meet our professionals.

Live Seminar

On the providence of live seminars by our practiced trainers, the students can enrich their knowledge for a better understanding. That results in complete knowledge sharing between the trainers and the students.

Interview Guidance

Leave your worries behind on how you make it through the interview process. Absera academy provides sufficient knowledge on the React Native-based interview sessions.

Time Flexibility

We provide our students React Native course training with the willpower to create a better community in the app development field, we have given our students the flexible timing slots of their choices.

Syllabus for React Native training in Madurai

  1. Installation
  2. App creation
  3. Running app
  1. Add styles
  2. Toggle Buttons
  3. List items
  4. Navigation setup
  5. Layout creation

Reusable button creation

  1. Designs for Tablet & iPad
  2. Custom fonts & icons
  3. Form creation
  1. Simple/Multiple animations
  2. Notifications
  3. Loading animation
  4. Extend & collapse of container
  1. Locally store data
  2. Send & Retrieval of data
  3. Websockets
  4. Database Functionality
  1. Redux
  2. Choose App workflow
  3. Cross-platform UI
  4. UI styles
  1. Push Notification
  2. Play Audio file in iOS & Android
  3. Change of Application state
  4. Render custom Android/iOS component
  1. Production, Testing & Building
  2. Deployment of the app on Google play store & Apple app store
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions by Students

Here are the commonly asked questions by our students. We have listed out most questions from them.

We provide 30 days course duration. We give 2+hours of coaching per day. At that time, you will get complete knowledge of the course.

Yes, we will give you the training completion certificate.

You can contact us via email, WhatsApp using the following details. WhatsApp: +91 9222 37 9222, email id: