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We are the best Php Training Institute in Madurai with expert trainers. We provide excellent Php courses for college students. A student can use this course to learn and master Php from an expert developer. We are the top-notch PHP training institute in Madurai.

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What is PHP?

PHP is a server-side scripting language. It is the most powerful to create dynamic and effective web pages. PHP is free, open-source software that allows developers to create dynamic content that interacts with the database.PHP used to manage dynamic content, databases, and session tracking. Using PHP, we can create an entire e-commerce site. PHP is a scripting language used for creating a website. PHP is for developing a web-based software application. It also integrates with many other languages. Absera is the best in class PHP training institute in Madurai and provides top-notch PHP training institute in Madurai.

Advantages of using PHP

Open Source Framework

PHP is open-source software, and it’s free of cost. There are a lot of frameworks in PHP, and developers can use any one of the frameworks. It’s easy to use and makes web development faster.

Platform Independent

PHP supports all operating systems. PHP based web development can run on any platform. It can integrate with any other language easily and saves a lot of effort and cost.

Fast Working

  PHP application takes less time to load the web page. And it fetches the data from the database much faster than others.

Secure Database

PHP connects the database secured. A proper web application requires a powerful programming language with a good database connection.

Easy Maintenance

PHP framework makes web development easier and maintains the code automatically.

Stable Framework

Developers can develop a web application stable more than other programming languages. It has automatically fixed the errors and bugs and make it more stable.

Benefits of Our PHP Training Institute in Madurai

Real-time Project Experience

We allow PHP learners to get experience in real-time working projects. By this, they get complete knowledge about PHP and overcome the fear of working with superior peoples.

100% Job Placement

While in the PHP course, you will get a job in the developing field. More than 80% of the students get placement after finishing this course.

Course Completion Certificate

We provide a standardized PHP certification to the students. You can use it anywhere, and it does not have an expiry date.

Skilled Trainers

We have professional Trainers in PHP to handle more than 350 batches. Our trainers provide the best PHP training comparing with others.

Flexible Timing

We are taught from the basic to high level and willing to serve a flexible time. According to the student’s feasibility, we will set the coaching time.

Interview point-of-view Training

We make you ready for the interview process. Most of the students have this hesitation. How to crack the interview?. For that, we give the interview training too.

PHP Expert Trainer Profile

We have the best in class trainers to provide expert training in PHP course.

  1. 8+ years of hands-on experience in PHP.
  2. Handle more than 100+ student batches.
  3. Working experience in 50+ real-time projects.
  4. In-depth knowledge of PHP Technology.
  5. Best-in-class PHP trainer in Madurai

Video for PHP Training Institute in Madurai

Syllabus for PHP Course in Madurai

  1. What is PHP
  2. The Power of PHP
  3. Learning the history of PHP
  4. Javascript / jQuery
  5. What is Server Side Scripting
  6. Client-Side Scripting
  7. Installation of XAMPP
  8. Importance of Apache Server
  9. Configuring PHP and setting up the Environment
  10. Working with Editors
  1. Coding PHP in HTML Document
  2. Embedding PHP Codes
  3. Executing PHP Embedded HTML Documents
  4. PHP Coding Structure
  5. Variables in PHP
  6. Data types in PHP
  7. Arrays and Variations of Arrays
  1. Understanding Functions in PHP
  2. Using Built-in Functions [Date, String, and Mathematical Functions]
  3. Handling Return Value
  4. Nesting Functions
  1. Defining our own Functions
  2. Understanding Arguments and Return Values
  3. Scope of Functions
  4. Handling Multiple return values
  5. Defining default Arguments
  1. Basics of File Handling and require to manage Files from PHP.
  2. Creating a File using PHP
  3. Reading, Writing, Appending Files
  4. Copy and Rename Files
  5. Delete Files
  6. Working with Directories
  7. Parsing Directory Structures
  8. Uploading Files
  1. Understanding PHP Forms
  2. Validating User Inputs
  3. Displaying Messages for Validation Errors
  4. Using Functions for Validations
  5. Creating Custom Functions for Data Validation
  6. Handling Form Submissions
  7. Handling Exceptions
  1. Introduction to Database APIs
  2. Establishing Connection with Databases
  3. Retrieving data from Database
  4. Manipulating Retrieved Data
  5. Updating Records in Database using PHP
  6. Deleting Records in Database using PHP
  7. Understanding SQL Injection
  1. Understanding Cookies
  2. Purpose and Use of Cookies
  3. Setting and Reading Cookie Values
  4. Resetting Cookie Values
  5. Understanding Sessions and the importance of Sessions
  6. Starting a Session and Working with Session
  7. Understanding Session Variables
  8. Closing Sessions
  1. Email Configuration in PHP
  2. Need for Sending Mails from Web Applications
  3. Using Sendmail
  4. Using PHPMailer

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Commonly Asked Questions by Students

Here are the commonly asked questions by our students. We have listed out most questions from them.

We provide 30 days course duration. We give 2+hours of coaching per day. At that time, you will get complete knowledge of the respective course.

Yes, After the completion of the course, that corresponding candidate will be given training completion certification.

No. We provide job references to IT companies.

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